What are the differences between paprika and paprika?

Paprika de la Vera Vega Cáceres

Ground paprika and paprika have the same meaning according to the Royal Spanish Academy. The former appears in the dictionary as the powder obtained by grinding dried peppers and the latter as the powder of ground paprika. However, in different cities around the world we find them with different names and presentations.

Specifically in Spanish kitchens, we use paprika to season chorizos and loins and to flavour soups, stews, casseroles and cheeses.

It must be said that different varieties of paprika or chilli pepper are harvested in European fields, among which the Hungarian and the Spanish stand out. The latter is available in spicy or smoked varieties, also known as the D.O.P. product, Pimentón de la Vera.

What is paprika?

photo of paprika powder

Paprika is the powdered seasoning obtained by grinding dried red peppers for seasoning various dishes. Depending on the region of the paprika, its taste can be sweet or spicy. It is usually bought in small jars or cans.

The chilli pepper originated in Latin America and was imported to Europe during the colonisation process. Nowadays, there are different types of fruits of the plant of the genus Capsicum with 25 identified species and five domestic ones.

In both Spain and Portugal we use ground paprika for its sweet and aromatic taste.

It is also known internationally for being the main ingredient in BBQ sauce, a favourite in American cuisine.

What is paprika de la vera?

Of the types of ground peppers we use, there is a special one called Pimentón de la Vera. This is a product with Protected Designation of Origin because it is exclusively made with red fruits from Jaranda, Jeromín, Jariza and Bola. They are grown in the region of La Vera, Cáceres.

This certification guarantees that this condiment is manufactured and packaged to the highest quality standards in the region.

Thanks to its variety, we can use sweet, hot or sweet and sour Pimientos de la Vera to give different flavours to our meals.

Paprika vs paprika, differences

As we have seen, paprika and paprika are the same condiment. Both come from the Capsicum fruit, although their flavour varies from sweet to spicy according to their place of origin. The difference lies in the fact that paprika de la vera has an artisanal smoking process that gives it a greater authenticity.

It is important to store them in a cool, dry place and to avoid burning them so as not to change their original taste.

Pimentón de La Vera Vega Caceres

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