Paprika from La Vera Vegacáceres

Paprika with Protected Designation of Origin


Harvested in our own lands and smoked using oak wood

La Vera paprika VegaCáceres is smoked with oak and oak wood. That's why , brings the flavor, color and aroma of La Vera to all its dishes. In addition, it is available in sweet, sweet and sour and spicy. In summary, we are talking about a unique product, whose purpose is to add value to all dishes and therefore enrich and enhance any dish worth its salt.

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VegaCáceres Bags

José Luis Mateos SL is the holder of file OP-18-0120-L1, of the aid for the implementation of a program for the competitive improvement of the SME of Extremadura.

These grants are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the Thematic Objective OT3 “Improving the competitiveness of the SME”, and for which it has been granted financial assistance of € 7,200.

With the aim of developing a project for the development of a process management and control software program, which aims to achieve compliance with EU health regulations and traceability regulations, maintain and document the entire stock of products in real time, capture information in time real avoiding data transcription errors and documentation delays, more efficient customer service and implementation of a program tailored to our company.

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